Art Meets Science - EGF Serum 10-year Anniversary

Incorporating science and nature to produce innovative skincare is important to us and we wanted that partnership to be reflected in the Limited Edition EGF Serum bottle. We also wanted to create something very special for our customers to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum, therefore we collaborated with world-renowned Icelandic artist Hrafnhildur Arnardottir,
known as Shoplifter.
Posed photo of Icelandic artist Hrafnhildur Arnardottir, designer of the Limited Edition EGF Serum bottle.

Shoplifter is no stranger to BIOEFFECT, having created an exclusive box design for the EGF Serum 5-Year Anniversary in 2015, so it was a pleasure to work with her again on this project. As an artist, she draws inspiration from nature for much of her work which is in alignment with the overall vision of BIOEFFECT. “Patterns in nature, shapes, colors, and textures are fascinating, and discovering parallels on a microscopic, macroscopic and galactic level is a source of great inspiration in my work,” she says.

Hands holding the Limited Edition EGF Serum bottle.

Our EGF Serum is produced using as few ingredients of the highest quality which means you only need to apply 2-4 drops of it to see results. Given the simplicity and purity of the serum and its potency, the drop shape stood out as a focal point for the design of the bottle. The drop shape is carved into the solid glass body of the bottle in such a way that it allows light to reflect and refract when it hits the bottle, further highlighting the delicate drop shape.

In contrast to the completely transparent EGF Serum, the sculpture, on which the bottle stands, is black cold-cast resin. The color and texture reference the black barley used to make the Limited Edition serum as well as the black sand beaches and new lava in Icelandic landscape.

“I wanted the color of the barley, to be represented in the design. The barley plants are also grown in volcanic pumice, a form of lava, instead of soil. Obsidian, another form of lava naturally became the main inspiration, a natural glass that used to be polished and made into mirrors, an inspiring fact when designing a skincare product. Obsidian has an iridescent sheen to it that inspired the look of the bottle while the blackness is expressed in a sculptural stand for the product,” says Shoplifter.

We truly hope you enjoy the EGF Serum Limited Edition as much
as we enjoyed creating it. 

The Limited Edition EGF Serum Bottle on a white surface.
The 10-year anniversary EGF Serum Limited Edition is available
from September 2020. 

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